Gary Clark Jr. is a musical universe unto himself, expanding at a nearly immeasurable rate, ever more hard to define — as a mind-blowing guitarist, a dazzling songwriter and engagingly soulful singer. He became the first artist ever recognized by the Recording Academy with Grammy Award nominations in both the rock and R&B categories for the same album in the same year, winning the latter: Best Traditional R&B Performance”. Blues, soul, pop, psychedelia, punk and hip-hop are also in Clark’s expansive musical embrace and insatiable hunger for inspiration, which he’s internalized into music all his own.

01. magna carda

Jazzy pianos, violins, saxophones, and laid back guitar picking are just some of the instruments that make up the layered compositions of the Rap/Hip-Hop collective Magna Carda. Magna Carda’s music is a fusion of Hip-Hop and Jazz along with golden age and Neo-Soul. The collective, started by Megz Kelli and Dougie Do, defies genre expectations through their thoroughly composed music and their energetic live performances that feature a full band. Magna Carta does everything possible to push Hip-Hop and Rap into new and uncharted territories. 

02. shakey graves

Shakey Grave’s live performances were almost as famous as the musician himself: a single man armed only with a guitar, a soulful voice, and a kick drum fashioned from an old suitcase. The true beauty in Shakey Graves as a performer is his ability to captivate an audience. But while this distinctive arrangement continued to earn him an ever-expanding fan base on the road, Shakey knew that he wanted to achieve something different. His new music and live performances feature a wider array of instruments that propel his bare-bone blues into more fleshed out and layered musical experience.


Holiday Mountain is a vibrant celebration of individuality, movement, sweat, glitter, and community. The members of the group, brought together by a common desire to push musical boundaries, skillfully mix unconventional melodies with danceable grooves and beats that are enhanced by vocalist Laura Patino’s wild yet ethereal vocals. The three-piece band’s energetic live performances turn the standing room in any music venue into a dance floor flooded with equally energetic audience members. 


The Tontons are creators of music that both pop fans and hipsters adore, and also loyal friends who truly love making music together and never shy away from experiences and vulnerabilities that shaped their beginnings. Asli Omar’s old-soul vocals heave the band’s lyrics forward with empowering, sultry and emotional force. The band takes influences from all genres of contemporary music and use these influences to create a style unique to the scene. The combination of rock, soul, indie and new wave music provides the perfect backdrop for Omar’s engaging and soulful voice.

05. wild child

Fiercely independent road warriors Wild Child has spent the past year stepping into that spotlight thanks to their growing fan base and growing musical experimentation.Wild Child has played sold out shows and music festival around the country and they don’t seem to be slowing down.The group incorporates violin, ukulele, cello, piano, bass, banjo, and horns in ways that few bands could conceive of today. Their mix of folk, pop, and gypsy melodies set them apart from other typical indie bands as the group embraces the nature of musical evolution.

07. the digital wild

The Digital Wild is an up and coming Indie Electronic band who is making waves through the music scene. Having released their debut album in 2014 and toured nationally, The Digital Wild continues to push genre boundaries which creates a unique sound that is truly their own. The band has received tons of publicity and they are not unfamiliar with festival sized crowds. The band hopes to not only expand their sound but to expand their audience as well. Their unique take on pop-electronica has set them apart from other groups in the genre.

08. whiskey shivers

Barefoot, sleeveless and sweaty, the members of Whiskey Shivers never stops smiling on stage. Whether they're playing at a backyard house party, a punk-rock dive bar or a sprawling country music festival, crowds take notice. It's in the contrast where Whiskey Shivers' music shines. They infuse their songs with punk rock energy and a darkly comical light-heartedness, stretching the bluegrass genre to fit whatever they feel is right. This sort of musical honesty is what brought together the ragtag group of string players from small towns around the country.