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Film Producer and entrepreneur Jacob Pechenik (CEO, Venture Forth Productions) and Actress Zooey Deschanel are the Executive Producers of The Farm Project. The husband and wife producing team has partner with Doculab's Director's Mario Troncoso to lead this project. Mario made his US directorial debut in 2011 with the Emmy-winning Trouble Puppet (PBS).  Soon after that he started producing and directing Arts In Context (PBS), a documentary series exploring the process of creation through collaboration and the condition of living and working as an artist. During this time Arts in Context has won 9 Emmy® Awards and has transformed the program into an important national documentary series that has received the support of audience and critics alike. 

With extensive agency and production company experience, Mario has worked on productions across many formats over a period of 14 years ranging from advertising to documentaries and fiction and worked with some of the most brilliant and humble crew members. For this series, he has assembled an eclectic and extremely talented team to create his most stunning and powerful project to date.  The rest of the The Farm Project team is Monique Walton, (Production Coordinator), Miguel Alvarez (2nd Unit Director, Field Producer), Tiago Da Silva (Sound Recordist), EJ Enriquez (DP), Leah Marino (Editor), Alonso Lujan (Camera Operator), Joanna Rabiger (Lead Researcher), Lauren Pruitt (Editor), Moyo Oyelola (Camera Operator, Still Photography), and Christopher Kim (Camera Operator).


As part of the series branding we have created SONORO and to lead the series' transmedia efforts and to develop additional music content around the show. We'll also partner with music bloggers to get the word out about the series and to write original content about music and the state of the industry. SONORO will also have YouTube and iTunes channels to generate traffic to our series.     



Hello Stranger will make an easy to produce radio & podcast series, because we already own the content, and will work in a similar way to the PBS deal. We’ll be working with a radio producer on production of the audio version.



We’ll have a full time promo producer creating BTS of the series and additional content to engage our global audience online and support our foreign sales efforts. We'll also partner with a recording studio to record unique multi-camera performances that we can cross promote with the band, studio, PBS and NPR.



Circo Sonoro is a community outreach and oral history project. The plan is to transform an RV into a recording studio and travel around the country recording music, having community screening, creating murals and taking pictures of musicians around the country. We’ll partner with Alan Lomax's foundation Association for Cultural Equity and will donate the recordings to the Library of Congress. This project will also originate plenty of original content for our social media channels as well as publicity opportunities.